“Scenarios 2030” report published

Beyond Tomorrow is a vision study that aims to identify important strategic focus areas that product developers should consider when planning for the future, and it outlines plausible business scenarios shaping the future of product development.

The scenarios are designed to provide qualified and possible futures related to product development. The scenarios should challenge and inspire organizations and product development teams to anticipate and plan for multiple, feasible futures.

Insights, ideas and strategic perspectives
In the report you will find insights, ideas and strategic perspectives on product development looking towards 2030 that will inspire and help you think strategically about the future and the future of the product development team you are part of.

We are proud to present the result of the Beyond Tomorrow Scenarios 2030 vision study. We wish you the best of luck with creating your future – hopefully, the report will inspire!

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Global megatrends

Megatrends are the major pathways of development. They help make sense of the complexity of the surrounding world and provide a platform for taking action and developing strategic responses (such as new product development).

Based on analysis of global megatrends as well as interviews and quantitative data, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies has identified a number of key trends that are critically relevant for the future of product development processes. The megatrends identified over the course of the Beyond Tomorrow project range from globalization to a network society.

The second interim report report from the Beyond Tomorrow project presents a view on global megatrends.

Download the megatrends report

Insights – From virtual reality to customer-led designs

Take a glimpse into the future and be inspired to find new ways of working with product development and innovation. What are the trends shaping product development as we progress towards 2030, with a particular focus on the role of sound and vibration? Initiating the discussion and shaping the path to that future is the aim of the Beyond Tomorrow project – which culminates in a vision study.

The study concept is iterative, built up from a number of data sources, such as trend analysis, a qualitative survey, global trend and best practice research, subject matter expert/industry leader interviews and scenario development. The interviews have delivered some exciting insights and are now available. We have selected some highlights to begin the conversation.

Read the insights here.

Kicking off the Beyond Tomorrow project

Today, we have launched the Beyond Tomorrow website, but the project has been underway, behind the scenes, for some time.

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is conducting interviews with our expert panel as well as researching megatrends that will influence product development. In addition, we are carrying out a survey to enrich the data with quantitative results. We expect to have all the key data collected by the end of October and then we’ll be ready to give you a peek into some of the insights that start to emerge.

You can follow the project on this site where we’ll keep you updated with preliminary findings, customer statements, and so on.

If you want to receive updates about the project or get a copy of the final report, you can register here.