The world is ever changing. Consumer preferences change fast and companies need to develop new products faster than ever. This increases the need to identify and analyse the key trends that will influence the way businesses operate in the future. The Beyond Tomorrow project is a vision study examining product development and the role of sound and vibration in product development looking towards 2030.

Over the last 75 years, the way industry approaches sound and vibration has changed in countless ways. The Beyond Tomorrow project takes the occasion of Brüel & Kjær’s 75th anniversary to look forward – beyond tomorrow – and help to set the agenda of the future.

To do this, we have joined forces with the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. Based on predictions from a number of experts and organizations combined with megatrend analysis we will develop realistic business scenarios for product development in the future, and the role of sound and vibration in this.


Customer demands are constantly changing and we know that to be able to meet these demands organizations must scan their markets and understand the future trends influencing their business environment.

Sound and vibration plays an ever more important part of product development. As Brüel & Kjær has always been an industry pioneer, delivering knowledge and expertise to help measure and manage sound and vibration in products, we feel a strong obligation to help the global sound and vibration community to prepare for what lies ahead.

In the Beyond Tomorrow project, we will focus on innovation in the broadest possible sense of the word, and prepare for change. The project will support these ambitions, deliver insight and inspiration, and help us to be more visionary.